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Mr. Chan Chun Wo (Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Chan Chun Wo (“Mr. Chan”) the Co-Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, an executive Director, the chairman of the executive committee, strategy and the development committee and the nomination committee of the Company and a member of the corporate governance committee of the Company. He is currently the chairman and the general manager of Zhejiang Hao Miao Technology Company Limited (浙江浩淼科技有限公司) (Stock code: 366116), a company listed on The Qianhai Equity Exchange. He has more than 30 years of experience in business operation. In 1985, he served as the business manager (China) in Swire Engineering Services Limited. In 1992, he founded East Town Trading Company Limited in Hong Kong. Subsequently, in 2008, Mr. Chan established Zhejiang Hao Miao Technology Company Limited where he has been the chairman and the general manager of this company since then.

In 1977, Mr. Chan graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology, the PRC (now known as Southeast University) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2013, he was awarded as the Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur by Innovation China (中國優秀創新企業家). In 2016, he was awarded as the Honorary Chairman of the China Association of Scientists.

Mr. Lo Kou Hong (Chairman)
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